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30 Sonokong signs license agreement with Robot Taekwon-V 2009-09-29

-        Domestic number 1 toy enterprise CEO Sinkyu Choi meets Korean Movie Revolutionist, Cheol Shin

-        Various Kinds of Character toys and products using Robot Taekwon-V will be developed

-        As a representative Korean Star Brand, New profitable business will be started


General entertainment enterprise Sonokong Co., Ltd. (CEO Shinkyu, Choi) stated on the 29th that it signed a license agreement with Robot Taekwon-V Co. Ltd. (CEO Cheol, Shin) to proceed its toy and contents business based on the representative korean character ‘Robot Taekwon-V’.


With this license agreement, Sonokong is jointly moving ahead the character business with Robot Taekwon-V Co., Ltd. and developing, producing and selling the differentiated toys and products fitting with Robot taekwon-V to develop it into the Korean representative culture products.


’Robot Taekwon-V’ firstly released in 1976, broke down the stronghold of Japanese creation Mazinga-Z by attracting 180 thousand people in Seoul only and becoming the children’s best idol back then. Even recently, when 30 years have passed since its opening, ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ still has a cognition rate of 80~90% throughout all generations, and gloriously reintroduced to the world by being restored digitally in 2009 through 2 years of work, and broke down the records of Korean animations attracting 500 thousand audiences.



Likewise, even after 30 years, ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ is still having great influence over the pop culture and is used as a cultural tool actively with the maniacs and fan sites of the age of 30s and 40s at its center. Also, the parent generation who were the active fans of ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ used this as a communication tool with their children, strengthening its basis as the Korean representative character. Furthermore, Various cultural businesses such as producing a blockbuster live action film aiming to open in 2010, and building a robot theme park, are going on recently and the cultural ramifications are being expected to become larger.


Sonokong will move ahead various projects which will increase the pride and develop various leisure cultures for adults who still have a nostalgia towards ‘Robot Taekown-V’ and children who have much interest in robots. Firstly, Sonokong will develop various character products such as figures, robot toys and accessories through which the public can get friendly access to ‘Robot Taekwon-V,’ by developing various kinds of commercial manuals.


In 2010 when ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ will approach the public, as there will be a mass opening of a movie, theme park, musical, game, and TV animation, the demand for toys and characters are expected to be increased explosively. Also, as the power of ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ is so great, the synergy effect on other by-products other than toys is expected to be immense.


CEO Shinkyu, Choi of Sonokong said, “As a representative Korean toy enterprise, Sonokong has successfully processed various toy businesses so far. And we believe that it is the role of Sonokong to develop ‘Robot Taekwon-V into the best brand.” And also said, ”Through ‘Robot Taekwon-V’ Sonokong will try our best to make a legend where all the children in the world can communicate through characters such as in the case of Micky Mouse, Gundam and Atom.


President Cheol, Shin of Robot Taekwon-V said, “After a long thought about it for the past 3 years, I have concluded that CEO Choi is the only man to develop Robot Taekwon-V into the Korean toy market and with that, we have agreed to make the first attempt to elevate the weak domestic toy business into the cultural business like the developed nations.” And also said, “Beginning with the movie and toys, the games and publications will accelerate as well.”


 The liaison of Sonokong and Robot Taekwon-V is the first positive case where the toy business and the movie industry is in collaboration and it is attracting the attention of the public as it will have great impacts, being the strategic collaboration of the representative actors of toys and movies.